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Winged Warrior Gift Kit



      The Winged Warrior Kit was designed for the Queen Bees leaving the Hive! Whether you are the Women heading to the conference in another city or state, or the college bound Betty signing the lease to her first apartment. We want you to be Safe & Protected as you navigate through the unfamiliar.

What Is In The Winged Warrior Custom Gift Box!

  • Flip Top 1/2 oz. Pink Pepper Spray - Keep this in your purse or conveniently attached to your key chain. This powerful Pepper Spray will be ready to incapacitate any attacker long enough for you get to SAFETY!
  • "Fierce Kitty" Key Chain - Will be within reach with two sharp metal ears ready to be used in self defense. Not only can you use the Fierce Kitty Key Chain in a self defense situation, but you can also crack a beer and fix a loose screw with this one!
  • 100 Decibel Pink Lipstick Alarm - This alarm fits sleekly in your purse or pocket, the 100 decibel alarm is hidden in the disguise of a lipstick. Pull the lid of the lipstick to sound the ear piercing ALARM!
  • Protect Her Knuckle Stun Gun - Easy to carry self-defense device that fits securely in your palm and provides you with a bright flashlight & a powerful 60,000,000 VOLTS Stun Gun!
  • Self Defense Military Grade Tactical LED Flashlight Pen - Yes this writes! Not only is it an actual pen, but it also sports an 80 lumen LED flashlight. This heavy duty pen can also be used to defend yourself from an attacker if the situation should arise. The "break-glass" feature is a very handy feature if you find yourself in a survival setting. Did we mention the pen doubles as a DNA collector as well! Move over James Bond, this pen has it all!
  • Personal/Door Alarm With Light - Carry the personal alarm in your purse or pocket. In an emergency pulling the cord will activate a 130 decibel alarm and flashing light. This will also convert to a door alarm for added security whether it be a hotel or dorm room. 



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  *It is the responsibility of the end-user of any of our products to check their local and state laws to determine the legality of that product.

 *Each state has their own individual laws regarding the purchase and use of  Stun Guns and Pepper Sprays--Please review our terms and conditions prior to purchase*

*If you live in a restricted state we can customize a box for you*